Statistics View

The statistics view is displayed when training begins, and provides a number of stats about how the model is performing during training:

Key Statistic Controls:

  1. Back to Model: Returns to the Modeling Tool.

  2. Pause: pauses training.

  3. Stop: stopis training.

This statistics view contains the following sub tabs:

  • Prediction: displays the input, current accuracy, and resulting output prediction compared to ground truth/labels.

  • Accuracy: displays the model’s accuracy.

  • Loss: display’s the models loss.

  • F1: displays the F1 score.

  • AUC: displays the area under the curve (AUC).


The top of the Statistics view represents what the Training component used in the model is showing (i.e., it will be a unique view for each Training component).

Map and View Box

At the bottom of the statistics vieware the mapand View Box areas:

The map displays the model and the View Box displays a view of statistics about the training. When you click on individual components in the map, the View Box displays statistics for that specific component, allowing you to analyze your model on a more granular level during training.

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