This page provides a changelog that lists new releases and updates to the PerceptiLabs products and services.

Free Version


To upgrade to the latest version of PerceptiLabs, run:

$ pip install --upgrade perceptilabs

To install or upgrade to the latest nightly build of PerceptiLabs, run:

$ pip install --upgrade pl-nightly

Version 0.12.17 (July 27, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Labels are now shown as text during training, making it easier to see which class is which.

  • The Softmax component has been removed because of redundancy.

  • If you stop training and start it again, you will now see it continue from the previous statistics if you choose to start from the last checkpoint.

  • The error messages in the Data Wizard have now been improved to give a hint as to what may be wrong.

  • Random Partition now uses a fixed seed.


  • Compressed models can now be exported again without crashing.

Version 0.12.16 (July 20, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Preview generation in the workspace is now faster.

  • Pre-processing has been improved by pre-generating the samples rather than generating them on the fly.


  • Backend requests have been cleaned up and should be more responsive in general.

  • Crashes for very small (1x1) previews will no longer occur.

Version 0.12.15 (July 14, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Improved recommendations for Categorical Decoders.


  • The Data Wizard no longer closes automatically when an error occurs.

  • The questionnaire is now visible when you first start the tool.

Version 0.12.14 (July 6, 2021)

New Functionality

  • You can now select "Do not use" as an Input/Target type, which will ignore that column when creating the model.

  • Added three new datasets that will automatically download when you start the tool the first time: "Human Activity", "Wildfire" and "Covid19".


  • All CSV filetypes should now be readable in the Data Wizard, whereas before some of them caused strange symbols to appear which caused an error.

  • A visual bug causing the entry boxes in the Training Settings to be too large has now been fixed.

Version 0.12.13 (July 1, 2021)

New Functionality

  • A new onboarding experience has been added.

  • We have now upgraded to using TensorFlow 2.5! Make sure to upgrade your CUDA to 11.2 and cuDNN to 8.1 to be able to use GPUs with this version.


  • The Accuracy, Loss and other line charts are no longer empty before the second epoch starts.

  • Internal error messages relating to the Data Wizard and modelling are now properly logged.

  • You can no longer set height or width to 0 in the Reshape pre-processing in the Data Wizard.

Version 0.12.12 (June 30, 2021)

New Functionality

  • "Kernel Offline" should no longer happen, instead, error messages will be much more precise as to the cause of the issue.

  • The error messages in the workspace and the Data Wizard have been improved.

  • The numerical target statistics view (often what you use for regression) has now been improved.

  • The pre-processing UI has been updated.


  • Onboarding will now be visible when you first enter the tool, rather than only appearing after selecting the ModelHub in the left menu.

  • The Binary data type has been temporarily disabled because Categorical is currently better in every way.

Version 0.12.11 (June 24, 2021)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a dependency issue in the frontend that was causing strange behaviours such as being unable to delete models, test popup not showing up, a project modal showing up, etc.

Version 0.12.10 (June 22, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Test loading message is now complete.

  • Image Targets now have an updated look in the statics view during training.

  • There is now a loading indicator after pressing Run Model or Customize in the last stage of the Data Wizard.

  • A legend has been added to the Predictions for Each Class chart.

  • The resource section in the top right has been improved.

  • There is now a loading indicator after you choose to Customize or Run a model from the Data Wizard.

  • You can now access our community sites like YouTube, Forum, Slack and GitHub through the top-right icons.

  • In the Training Settings, you can now choose to automatically save the weights of your model every epoch, rather than just at the end of the training.

  • Notebook view has temporarily been removed as that currently is not up to date.

  • There is now a restriction on creating models with only a single Target column, until we implement better support for multi-modal problems.

  • Text inputs are now possible to use; they will use bag-of-word as the preprocessing method.

  • The UI for the test view modal has been updated.

  • A Python 3.8 distribution is now included.

Bug Fixes

  • PerceptiLabs will no longer install (or prompt you to install) gym['atari'].

  • Ctrl+V now works properly in the custom code.

  • Tests are no longer interrupted by changing views.

  • The Categorical column selection in the Data Wizard will now always be an option, even if it's not recommended.

  • A lot of unnecessary kernel calls have been removed.

  • Extensions of your loaded data are now case insensitive.

  • When refreshing the tool, you will now open the model you were viewing rather than the tool going through all of them.

Version 0.12.9 (June 16, 2021)

Note: this version has been removed due a critical error.

Version 0.12.8 (June 8, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Loading messages for tests have been improved so you can now see their progression.

  • The training statistics have now been updated for categorical targets during training; you can now see:

    • Loss per epoch

    • Accuracy per epoch

    • Prediction versus ground truth for a single sample

    • Predictions for each class summed over all samples in that epoch

Bug Fixes

  • A deleted model will now stay deleted, rather than randomly coming back.

  • It's now no longer possible to press the Open button in ModelHub without having any models selected to go to a bugged workspace.

Version 0.12.7 (June 4, 2021)

New Functionality

  • A few preprocessing options have been added: Random cropping. Random rotation.

  • The Data Wizard has been improved to make it more intuitive.

  • We have added a direct messenger to the tool, so you can easily get in contact with us. You can find it under the ? -> Send us a Message.

Bugs Fixes

  • The Kernel will no longer crash on certain learning rates.

  • Fixed a backwards compatibility issue with versions earlier than 0.12.4.

Version 0.12.6 (June 1, 2021)

New Functionality

  • There is now a loading message when running a test.

  • A few preprocessing options have been added:

    • Flipping images

    • Resizing images

    • Min-Max and Standardization are now both Normalization options

Bug Fixes

  • Data Wizard now loads faster after selecting a file.

  • Data Wizard will no longer skip past steps from clicking on Continue too many times.

Version 0.12.5 (May 25, 2021)

New Functionality

  • Binary data now works with Yes/No and yes/no as well as True/False, true/false, 1/0.

  • Multiple columns now work inside the tool, although some manual work is still required to put the model together.

  • You can now pre-process your data inside the Data Wizard by pressing the little symbol on top of the column. The pre-processing available so far is Normalize for Image and Numerical data.

  • The data types in the Data Wizard are now filtered on what is possible for each column. For example, if a column contains a path then it can only be Image type (and later on Text).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a common error message "getBoundingClinetRect" which sometimes stopped the workspace from functioning as it should.

  • The components in the map will no longer have eternal spinners if you start training straight from the Data Wizard.

  • The Custom component can now be used without causing a crash.

  • Dropout can now be used in the Dense component.

  • Binary data now works as intended. Fixed a bug where data types sometimes were not recommended.

  • Fixed an issue where the Next button sometimes was disabled.

  • Training progress will now not be accidentally shared between models.

  • Reshape settings have now been fixed.

  • Training results will no longer randomly show up after already having interacted with it.

Version 0.12.4 (May 18, 2021)

New Functionality

  • A data type will now be automatically recommended for each column.

Bug Fixes

  • Tests for a model are now removed when that model is deleted.

  • The Output component has now been properly renamed to Target.

  • The questionnaire will no longer get stuck where you are unable to close it by pressing Confirm.

  • Pressing Run test in the ModelHub will now navigate you to the correct test view.

  • The Open code button has been removed from the Input and Target components as they temporarily won't have custom code inside them.

  • The Reset component button has been removed from the Input and Target components as they have no settings to reset.

Version 0.12.3 (May 11, 2021)

New Functionality

  • The Create model UI has been updated to look a bit cleaner.

Bug Fixes

  • The dropdown on the components in the workspace now works.

  • Data settings can no longer be randomly copied over to another model (this used to cause the model to use the wrong input and target data).

  • Training can now be started in incognito mode.

Version 0.12.2 (May 7, 2021)

Bugs Fixes

  • Fixed progress bar during training; it now reaches 100% every time.

  • Pre-trained components now automatically use their preprocessing function to ensure that data input to them is correctly formatted.

  • Results are now seen in the Training Completed popup.

Version 0.12.1 (May 7, 2021)

Note: this version has been removed due a critical error.

Version 0.12.0 (May 5, 2021)

New Functionality

  • The old Create Model popup together with the template has been removed. This means that models created pre-0.12 will no longer be usable after upgrading to 0.12.0.

  • A new featured called Data Wizard has been introduced. The Data Wizard provides a more structured way to load your data, making the models data centric. It works by:

    • allowing you to load a CSV file.

    • allowing you to define the CSV file (specifying which columns are the input and target, and their types).

    • providing you with a recommended model that can be run immediately.

  • There are currently four supported column types in the Data Wizard: Numerical, Categorical, Binary, and Image, allowing you to mix them to build models such as: Image Classification, Regression, Segmentation, simple Image Generation, Autoencoder, etc. Read more about the Data Wizard here. Note that this link will become available once we document this functionality.

  • Object Detection has been temporarily removed.

  • GAN has been temporarily removed.

  • Pre-trained models have been added as components under the Deep Learning, including VGG16, ResNet50, InceptionV3, and MobileNetV2.

  • Data components have been removed and replaced by Input and Target components.

  • Training components have been removed. The training engine is now running behind the scenes and has been generalized to work for all above mentioned cases.

  • The Statistics View has received a slight update, where it now shows statistics based on the Inputs and Targets rather than the Training components.

  • The Test View has been reworked. You can now run one (or many) tests on one (or many) of your models. The current tests available are: Confusion Matrix and Metrics Table.

Bug Fixes

  • Changing the model path will no longer cause saving checkpoints to crash in Windows.

  • Zooming by inputting a number will no longer cause the components placement to change.

  • The correct TensorFlow version (2.4.1) is now shown in the bottom right.